protect your brain

BrainPowerYL Brain Power oil blend! My first experience was at a Young Living workshop. One day after lunch, the woman beside me opened her bottle of essential oil and, before putting the bottle away, she offered it to me. She then gestured to put a drop on the tip of my finger and place on the roof of my mouth. Blahhhh!  We both laughed under our breath as we respectfully did not interrupt the speaker but she knew she would get such a reaction! So, tastes like soap but I quickly appreciated the power of this blend as the colors in the room became crisp and clear and the after lunch brain fog lifted! I will never be without a bottle in stash. Brain health is an important topic so while I’m remembering, LOL, here is an inspiring 20-minute video testimony of coconut oil also used to support brain health!! Remember to watch it before you forget!