what was your first oil?

“Thieves” oil blend and Young Living’s “Essential Oils Desk Reference” book were my introduction to Young Living and to this day, I still light up as the quality of my life gets better and better!!

Years ago, I had been traveling and overheard a woman tell another woman to put a couple drops of this oil on the bottom of her feet so she wouldn’t get sick on the flight home.

Well I ALWAYS got sick traveling; flu type, you know?! Touching all the doorknobs, tables, and chairs that everyone else is touching, stress of walking away from work, home, family, breathing different air. Makes sense the immune system is totally compromised!!

So I was captivated at the POSSIBILITIES of no sore throat from this trip. I bought one of her extra bottles and followed her simple instruction putting a couple drops of this infamous blend on the bottoms of my feet before shoes and socks and heading home.

Sure enough, for the very first time I was able to travel without taking on everyone else’s germies! Totally blew me away!  I read forward and backward that book I had also purchased and learned that all the oils work just the same! Just each more specific to their own support and application!!!

I can tell you what happened next, and next after that!
But let’s start with your story!!

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