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(the following text contribution from Victoria Lea)

I know this may seem a bit weird, but I have some serious personal
evidence to support the idea that root canals can cause a myriad of symptoms that you would not ever think of as being related.

My holistic doctor was not in favor of root canals and suggested I read a book called, Root Canal Cover-up, available from the Price-Pottinger book store in Mission Valley. Unfortunately, I had already had one about a year and a half ago…two weeks before I had surgery planned. Due to the infection from that, I cancelled surgery, and kept waiting for it to feel natural.

Well, after a year, it didn’t, and when I went to see the dentist, he said it was truly infected in the jaw, and I should see an oral surgeon…or as a last resort, have it extracted. I said I would consider it, and went home and became convinced that it was necessary to have it extracted…the infection in a tooth is practically impossible to stop because it has miles of tunnels to hide in…even outside the body.

In addition, I had been having little sharp pains in my chest in the mornings before I got up. Hummm, optimistically thinking it was the position I was lying in, I didn’t take it seriously. I think it was serious, though, particularly because I had already had one hip replacement which tends to complicate things, bacterially speaking. Within a few days after I had the tooth extracted, there were no more pains, and I have had no recurrence.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, AND SO LITTLE ACKNOWLEDGED! This research has been available since the 40’s or 50’s, and has been ignored by the dental community in favor of saving teeth at any cost. Any cost could be your life!

Since the number one cause of death for women in their 50’s is heart attack, I’ve gotta wonder how many of them have had root canals! Ack, this is serious. Also, the symptoms can be arthritis, fibromyalgia…probably didn’t even have that name then… and all sorts of maladies, including diabetes…the chemistry just isn’t working correctly.

Use this information…for yourself, as well as for your clients…ask them if they’ve had a root canal. Some people have strong enough immune systems to counteract the continuing bacterial problem, but many don’t, and those get other complications that would never look like they had ANYTHING to do with the mouth. Please share this information wherever you can.