visible scars

I have no clue why but it is just too exciting when I put YL ‘Clary Sage’ essential oil topically on my deep wound scars from over a year ago and, wow!, like overnight the deep brown tissue has faded beyond comprehension! Usually ‘Clary Sage’ would be used to support balanced estrogen. This was a total wow surprise!

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my ningxia

Life is extra special awake and that’s exactly my gift today! Any meal used to mess my sugar and feel like poison going through my veins, putting me out cold for at least a two hour nap. But today I took my own water bottle to Easter dinner with an added 4oz of Ningxia (two travel […]

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muscle cramp

After all these years watching essential oils work, it’s still like opening the best present every time! And this time I was watching my friend in a serious muscle spasm and the look on her face from JUST OPENING THE BOTTLE TO SMELL the aroma!! Sure we applied it to her shoulder too but you could […]

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