* TOP 10 *

“My tastes are simple, I simply like the best.”
– Oleg Cassini

TOP 10  or 12 (and still left dozens out)

FRANKINCENSE – first because it was the gift most worthy of a king when the 3 wisemen brought it to Mary and Joseph to protect Jesus. Known for added support against all the heavy hitters against our bodies. Just makes good prevention sense!

NINGXIA RED – If not for the pH and sugar balances of Ningxia Red, without a doubt I would be on insulin. Also keeps the stomach in place during travel and extreme fluctuations. And with the Essential Rewards kit option, you save you about $45 over wholesale price if purchased separately. It even gets you a month supply of individual travel packs for no excuses missing a minimum daily dose.

THIEVES – Pretty much can count on this as one of everyone else’s top three too! We put in gelcaps to ingest as a non-chemical antibiotic defense, and as a preventative measure when we feel the heaviness in the throat warning the immune system is compromised (and that rare sinus drainage sneaking in).

CLARADERM – I’ve repeated myself many times the importance of the most personal skincare. Originally created for Mary Young for her first childbirth at 54. This one’s a life-changer. Enough said, yes?!

THYROMIN – So many reasons and falling asleep at night is one of them. I knew a beautiful woman who purchased this supplement by the case to gift her closest friends because she was so medically impressed with the ingredients, the iron, and her results.

BLM – Bone, Ligaments, Muscle. Again, makes sense to support with all we ask of our bodies.

MINT FACIAL SCRUB – Best facial ever was known to have this beauty on every month’s Essential Rewards Autoship.

SAVVY MINERALS FOUNDATION – https://issuu.com/youngliving/docs/savvyminerals.by.yl_catalog.docx?e=2440491/59448880

LAVENDER HAND AND BODY LOTION – Young Living’s Lavender from both Provence, France and our St. Maries Farm in Idaho, it is like no other and, in fact, any other source turns me off of this multitasking oil altogether. But this is refreshingly addictive! AND the only protection we used from the sun on our Caribbean Cruises (Today, the product line includes even Sunscreen in both SPF 10 and 50)!

THIEVES COUGHDROPS – same favorite “Lozenges” and now recognized by FDA in a “Cough” dose. They were always AMAZING!!


THIEVES DISHWASHER DETERGENT – Who would have thought there is better than Cascade Platinum at $19! Well, I’d be in the last one surprised to find better in Young Living! This my latest must-have!


PANAWAY – because when I fractured both legs and fell to the ground in the fetal position, all I wanted was my PanAway and frantic prayer when I looked down, as in “oh my God oh my God oh my God on my God”

GELCAPS – not all capsules can sustain essential oils. Don’t order these AFTER you need them unless that’s also your plan buying a fire extinguisher!



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