we are all of us stars

…. and we deserve to twinkle – Marilyn Monroe –

I realized a while back that my very best skincare is to cleanse my face with YL Massage Oils. The oils keep my aging eye area lubricated, while also melting down the unwanted oils in congested areas. Well didn’t I find out that that was also Marilyn Monroe’s secret! I even got to try the brand she made famous but, oh my, it was heavy and low quality to what I’m accustomed. Young Living has 6 varieties to choose from, along with simple V-6 Massage Oil base to come up with your own mix. Marilyn’s routine followed up with a matching soap and, I too, will add the step of our Orange Blossom Facial Wash over larger pores when the mood hits me. Now I have something in common with an iconic beauty!

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