zyto compass readings today!

MelaleucaQuinquenerviaTIMELY MESSAGEZYTO Compass readings are still available locally, expanding between areas of Ashland and Akron OH.  At $10 per, makes it an easy decision to check in every couple of months to scientifically muscle test and validate your intuition when placing your monthly Young Living Essential Rewards order. I purchased the ZYTO license after my own first two readings blew me away! I had come terribly close to letting the dentist pull a tooth that wasn’t fully healed after a failed dental procedure till, thanks to BFF Kate with her ZYTO equipment in Chicago, the readout said that my body needed the support of YL Melaleuca Quinquenervia. When my order arrived with this new oil, I rubbed my gum with a full droplet and, overnight, saved my tooth when I woke with no pain!! I was out of excuses and jumped on board! For your ZYTO reading appointment, call 216-990-3171 or send your request here through our “contact” link provided.

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