proof through the night that our flag was still there

I am a Veteran!  Yay, hip hooray!  Balloons, streamers, and popcorn machine!!

Remember your pride, maybe as a young Girl Scout or Boy Scout, with your first uniform?  Like it was yesterday, I recall feelings of that last week in Basic Military Training being fitted with my first Dress Blues!! OMG!, and the smell! Very distinct aroma of a new military uniform not good nor bad, just distinct and, for me, a comforting reminder of my father coming home from work each day as the lead city mechanic. LOL!, just dawned on me the similarity would be the petroleum base of synthetic fabric!

So back to “BMT”, everyday our TI marched alongside chanting admiration for his hero John Wayne. I’m grateful that in spite of the fact military training is not about warm fuzzies, TSgt Szanka also instilled the deepest pride in each of his soldiers the fact we had earned the right to step into the same uniform, secure the same regulation belt, to button the same buttons, as worn by our forefathers who paid our way. Visions flashed of their faces as he spoke. We stood a little taller.

Victorious lives!! Yet is there any wonder why so many good hearts turn a blind eye (or channel) to charitable video requests filling our media with fear, devastations of combat, scared precious children hungry or in hospital beds, suffering shivering puppies, maturing adults as victims fallen to the ground. The defeat overwhelms. It hurts to remember.

The past three years, shamefully I too gave up and secluded myself from serving even my own; fellow veterans. But what was worse, perhaps for you too, is letting fear literally steal the celebration that a life of service has, in fact, won battles, concurred struggles, strengthened souls, motivated purpose, matured innocence, magnified loved ones, connected hearts, developed teamwork, and what so proudly we hailed, hailed again. And again. Again. Again. Again….

The Moral of the Story: “What we give energy, we receive multiplied”.

Please let me see your proud smile!! Their picture? I see the beautiful family resemblance in your mirrored image. Rejoice and let me celebrate with you the fact that God, in His infinite wisdom, chose YOU to share that life. You must be amazing to be gifted so closely the love knowing such selflessness, one who didn’t need 100 years to impact the world, but conquered their works in such a short time. My heart is enriched by the courage in your eyes, I see you share with your soldier. And, heaven help us, I never forget a smile!

My hope is hearts are healed to continue serving Victorious!! 

To serve. That’s what we do, what we are trained for, and our birthright to love thy neighbor as thyself, and show thy neighbor peace.

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