NEW – YL insect repellent

Not a moment too soon with the new patio, we now have a readymade insect repellent announced at Young Living International Convention!!

Since mosquitos are a biggie around these parts, I’ll offer you this backup plan from back-in-the-day playing with creative combinations! For even MORE simple specifics about dealing with various bites and poisons, you might also revisit Dr. David Stewart’s experiment with essential oils linked HERE!

FOR MOSQUITOS  Mix in spray bottle and shake well before each application….

2 cups clean witch hazel
15 drops YL Citronella essential oil
15 drops YL Lemongrass essential oil
5 drops YL Lavender essential oil
5 drops YL Peppermint essential oil

Spray combined liquids into your hands to apply near face. Do not spray directly toward eyes and mouth. In case you forget, remember this….  if it feels too hot on any delicate skin (including eyes), pull heat away from body with a splash of YL V-6 Massage Oil (also available in bulk size) or other clean heavy seed oil on hand. Do not rinse essential oils with water or they absorb even faster!

The best protection against mosquito-borne illness is avoidance, especially during their peak hours of dawn and dusk.  This spray is not waterproof/sweat-proof, so you will want to apply again hourly to ensure continued protection.


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