reflexology 101

#REFLEXOLOGY is the science studying the reflex nerve endpoints and their healing responses when stimulated or sedated with intentional acupressure touch.

You are about to experience your own healing power and learn quick tricks to encourage your body systems to communicate together like a well oiled machine!

The most basic layout to know for now is:

• TOES house the nerves that correspond back to your head and neck

• ARCH of your foot houses the nerves of your torso and all major organs

• HEEL, or Butt of your foot, yep, that’s your hips and butt

Again, your foot in every sense IS YOUR FOUNDATION!! Its sole affects your soul, the butt of your foot is literal, and your heel is the center of your heal-ing! Imagine anointing your feet with essential oils and how they further support all our body systems.

Know this! Reflexology isn’t a trend. It is a vital part of your creation; your birthright!!