immupro just in time

CHEWABLE and FAST absorbing to support the immune system NOW!

This “quick” outing, I just pocketed my tiny billfold and YL Idaho Balsam Fir before bouncing out the door. We aren’t usually running here and there till 4:00 and were willing to hold off lunch till filling our car full of the finest foods. And we did! So on the way home knowing everything and everyone I embraced that day, against my better judgement I reached into a deli bag for just a nibble while telling hubby what a bad idea that was….. denial hoped satisfying hunger would be rewarded, and protect me from the germs on my hands waiting to pounce.

OF COURSE within hours I felt the scratchy throat start. BUT!! I don’t have to concern myself because close by I pulled out 2 of our YL Immupro Chewable Tablets to boost my immune system!! It would have been smart to take my YL Thieves Essential Oil blend internally like I do instead of taking antibiotics, but I didn’t. Instead this was opportunity to show my dear friend and neighbor that the value of the product far outweighs the taste of Stevia. Yes it’s in there. It’s natural. And I got to wakeup brand new!! So happy!!