chapter 5 – mind over matter

Matter is powerless. Mind is force. Every form which matter takes, is but the expression of some pre-existing thought.

“If we have stored away nothing but courageous thought, if we have been optimistic, positive, and have immediately thrown any kind of negative thought on the scrap pile, have refused to have anything to do with it, have refused to associate with it or become identified with it in any way, what then is the result? Our mental material is now of the best kind….. there is nothing to cover, there are no patches to hide.”

This week I got the call…. dad in the hospital.

Potentially a whole gamut of anger and fear to feed on.

But instead, I enjoyed the private alone time with my captive audience, speaking how proud that he’s my father, praising his wisdom, blessing him with the anointing of essential oils, sharing human touch through my practice of reflexology, curling up in the chair beside his bed, praying gratitude, making dinner plans for when he is released, and the first smile to assure every awakening through the night. Favorite slumber party ever!


7 Comments on “chapter 5 – mind over matter”

  1. Care’n, You are one amazing lady, daughter, friend and one heck of a mastermind partner. Love seeing the picture of you and your Dad and know he felt your love every minute of that special night you had together!


  2. Thank you for sharing Care’n. My mom passed away last year and I was fortunate to have her stay with me the last 8 years. Parents are so precious hey. Looking forward tohear aboout the dinner date with your dad. AWESOME slumber party; I like, what a nice memory to keep save.



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