meniere’s, vertigo, tennitus

Stumbled onto a scrap paper from April 2008 (LOL) sharing this testimony from Judy. Could still be a Godsend for someone you know!

“I once worked with a person that would take ginger for her vertigo and it was amazing how well it worked.

As soon as she felt it coming on, the lady would take a couple of capsules of ginger immediately. And then a ½ hour later, take one more capsule. And a fourth capsule another ½ hour after that.

This is how she would stop the vertigo from coming on.”

She told me she shared this with her dentist who would get vertigo so bad that he would stop working for even several days. After taking ginger, he never had the problem; as long as he took the ginger as soon as he felt it coming on.

Judy suggests trying a drop of YL Ginger essential oil under the tongue. Perhaps even 2 or 3 drops in an empty YL Clear Gel Capsule and swallow with a full cup of water. Whatever feels right for you.

Now, are you wishing the water would stop moving in this ear? So does your friend who’s been diagnosed, and most likely told there’s no hope for their layers of symptoms. What a gift of information to SHARE if Ginger is their answer too!



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