best salmon you’ve ever made

An Iced Tea 😉 fresh brewed and “The Chew” series was my addiction till we know that was taken from my lunch hour!

Now “Hell’s Kitchen”, Season 18, is down to the final three competitors and, oh, how I’ll miss my cooking shows! Chef Gordon Ramsay lives in such incredibly deep passion, that it took years to understand my own passions before I now appreciate his.

In a fleeting television moment, I picked up this nugget when the talents of Chef Chris Motto of Baton Rouge, called the command to remedy someone else’s rejected salmon dish, SEAR SKIN, [then] 6-MINUTES IN THE OVEN!

And that quickly, my cast iron skillet and a 350° oven and I were about to make the best salmon I’ve ever, ever, ever tasted! internal temp happened to make the 125 degrees (110 to 125° Fahrenheit or 43 to 52° Celsius) on a meat thermometer

Thank you, Chef Motto! God bless Baton Rouge!



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