passion in the kitchen

Chocolate Covered Raspberries!! My favorite I learned from Godiva years ago. But they were seasonal and my craving is not 😉

State Fruit Chocolate-Covered Strawberries pictured here are recommended as one of Amazon’s top gift choices.

If you’re like me though, it’s quite sexy stirring melted chocolate and dipping favorite fruits you’ve handpicked with loving intention.

Raspberries, Blackberries, Dried Apricots, Grapes

Ikea Dark Chocolate bars, Moser Roth, or Ghirardelli with cocoa as high as 70% are my favorites melting smooth and easy in a pan that’s sitting above a pot of low boiling water. Do not cover to hurry the melting process, or allow water or steam in any way to make contact with the chocolate. Yuk! Melting is easy, just remember you’re not helping by putting a lid on it.

As soon as the chocolate is fluid, it’s time to dip!

Any hotter than that could cook and mushy up your delicate berries.

BETTER YET, first timers might even just cluster your berries on parchment paper atop a cookie sheet. Then drizzle the chocolate from above. The cookie sheet is so you can move your berries to a cool counter to set, or to the fridge for 5-minutes. And the parchment (or waxed paper) is so you don’t need a chisel!!

Seriously, it would be a challenge to ruin anything chocolate covered! It’s gonna melt in your mouth again anyway. Just have fun and enjoy!!


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