resist to react, then respond

Next time someone insists on getting their way…. and YOU, by the way, feel the same about your opinion!…. as long as everyone is safe, I invite you to resist temptation to react with the argument for your side (plus a less than 50/50 chance of anyone really winning).

Instead respond….

“Great idea! We haven’t done [that] in a long time! We’ll have fun!”
– Or –
“Great idea! We haven’t done [that] before! We’ll have fun!”

Then, LET IT be fun! An adventure!

How can anyone argue with your affirmation they just made a great decision?! You are teaching them to trust themselves perhaps for the first time.

Everybody knows when the other person gets to feel a win, now they have something to give back. And the next win they just may hand to you.

And truly, this time is already a win too, yes?!


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