all baggage “secure”?

“The fire in the cockpit delayed boarding our plane back to the U.S. from Kaufbeuren Germany.

It was a U.S.A.F. C-130 we needed to return home to retire in Tucson’s Boneyard. The fuel leak was no excuse either. We just touched down to refuel on every gusty raining island between takeoff and landing. Whatever it takes!

The real bother was it is freezing cold at altitude and the most comfortable place to curl up is, in fact, on top of all our baggage stacked high and secure up to the roof’s only heat duct.”

— — — — — — — —

On the other hand, excess baggage you carry from your past with its limiting thoughts and beliefs, those will never go up in value.

Emotional or physical, baggage is baggage. They are one and the same.

Let it go.

WHEN YOU ARE READY to show up with a fresh understanding of your core values, here is the link to a simple 10-minute guided meditation from one of my treasured mentors of many years! So powerful!

Your youthful heart is rooting for you!


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