stress away

Mondays are my happy day! a start-from-scratch freshness! Now today is Friday and I’m over excited about all I’ll get done, or not, before…dun dun dun dun…. the weekend!! So I’m pulling myself aside for a splash of YL StressAway oil blend of Vanilla and Lime (yum!) which is one of the added bonuses this month for those qualifying orders through the Essential Rewards Program. Remember even on “autoship”,  you are in control to change what products you need reordered from month to month. Or try something new like StressAway! But commit to taking care of yourself!



nose bleed

Enough said, a drop of Young Living Lavender essential oil on a cotton tipped swab, comfortably inserted into nostril. I have seen YL Lavender stop aggressive bleeding and even used undiluted on facelift surgery that still hadn’t healed over in three days. This direct application stopped bleeding on contact without fear of chemical burn or overdose.

visible scars

I have no clue why but it is just too exciting when I put YL ‘Clary Sage’ essential oil topically on my deep wound scars from over a year ago and, wow!, like overnight the deep brown tissue has faded beyond comprehension! Usually ‘Clary Sage’ would be used to support balanced estrogen. This was a total wow surprise!

my ningxia

Life is extra special awake and that’s exactly my gift today! Any meal used to mess my sugar and feel like poison going through my veins, putting me out cold for at least a two hour nap. But today I took my own water bottle to Easter dinner with an added 4oz of Ningxia (two travel packs) and even though I was up until 3:00 in the morning baking Lemon Meringues, here I am nearly 10:00pm full of energy and can’t wait to share! Tastes like berries! If you haven’t tried your first bottle of Ningxia Red, what are you waiting for!

muscle cramp

After all these years watching essential oils work, it’s still like opening the best present every time! And this time I was watching my friend in a serious muscle spasm and the look on her face from JUST OPENING THE BOTTLE TO SMELL the aroma!! Sure we applied it to her shoulder too but you could see the pain lift with that deep breath! Ah, the gift!

spring cleaning me

Anyone else enjoyed the holidays a little more and a little longer?

My top three favorite cleanses are ‘Young Living’s Cleansing Trio’, ‘Young Living’s 5-day Cleanse’, and the infamous ‘Master Cleanse’, the latter being the most radical.

What I love about the CLEANSING TRIO (3115) is that it is highly effective and you can safely adjust the amount of product day to day to keep your own digestion at a healthy flow. Sometimes you may only need a boost or two each week, and that’s okay. Also sold separately, the ICP (3208) is your bulking agent which I like to drink in some kind of sweet pulp fruit juice, like orange, for a texture that just tastes like orange juice. The COMFORTONE (3204) supports the movement/elimination of your results and the ESSENTIALZYME (3272) helps absorbing your nutrients. Super important cause, as Gary says, “Nothing happens without enzymes”!

The 5-DAY CLEANSE takes a little more commitment but you are simply replacing your breakfast and lunch with a supplemental shake like BALANCE COMPLETE (3292) that tastes like a malt shake. When this meal replacement is sold out, you can opt to order instead our Pure Protein Powder (3291) which tastes like vanilla, or our vegan Power Meal (6300) which is even yummier with a drop of our Orange Oil to lighten its nutty taste. I put ice in mine and shake it up real cold! Love it! The DIGEST AND CLEANSE (3293) capsules are the gut balancer while NINGXIA RED (4893, ordered through Essential Rewards Program saves you more than $40), is of course, our delicious berry tasting antioxidant drink supporting the system’s pH balance. Everyday, to avoid naps and sugar spikes, I’m never without my Ningxia!!

And the MASTER CLEANSE / LEMONADE DIET is a commitment I have enjoyed for as much as 21-days straight. You get your vitamins from the fruit juice and minerals from the maple syrup sweetener. A pinch of cayenne is added to pull all the creepy cruds from the nooks and crannies of your gut. It was an amazing experience in trusting my own body and intuitive spirit; and it’s a commitment! Perhaps another time I can share about my first experiences of no chewing!

bobbing apples

20160218_181626Have you used our citrus oils to wash fruit? Totally edible of course so I usually add a few drops of YL Lemon oil to a bowl of water to soak fruits before displaying in a beautiful dish for ready eating. My husband already spoke for the lemon oil to remove sticky labels so I just grabbed our bottle of YL Citrus Fresh blend. Love cleaning all the nooks and crannies!

nail polish for your home

It comes and goes but sometimes nothing is as exciting as a fresh coat of paint! You see by my drippy paint can that I’m in crazy-fun mode!

After a very long day, I was well aware the potential cost of sleeping in those fumes but chose to be lazy and skipped the step to bring the furniture back in…. which would have included our Young Living Aria Diffuser on the nightstand.

Instead, I grabbed my bottle of Lavender water (approx 8 oz clean water with 4-8 drops of YL Lavender essential oil) that I keep with my ironing board! I spritzed the Lavender into the air, every nook, as I made my way to the fresh sheets calling my name! Not only is Lavender calming to the soul, but NO morning sniffles!!