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“Tempe” shares treats with mom

ALERT: It is important the peanut butter you use is natural and that there is NO XYLITOL in the ingredients as it is deadly to dogs/pets. 1 medium Yam (or 4 medium carrots) 1/2 c. Peanut Butter 1/2 c. Liquid from cooked yam/carrots 2 c. Gluten free baking flour (likes “Red Mill” baking flour) 2 […]

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betsy helps a friend

Huge gratitude shoutout to Betsy sharing her latest experience with YL Frankincense. Check this out! Betsy’s pet had the scary diagnosis “skin cancer” so here is what she did…. 6 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil (liquid) 1 drop YL Sacred Frankincense essential oil Mixed together and applied topically over the area 3 times a day. The […]

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animals, aromatherapy and essential oils

© November 1997 Gary Young “I have raised animals all my life and presently have several miniature horses as well as four teams of draft horses. I also have pygmy goats, Barbadoes sheep and llamas at my ranch where I reside. On my 1300 acre herb farm at Whispering Springs in Mona, Utah, I have […]

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