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Transcript to Conscious Language CD

TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY #1 “Conscious Language and Young Living” with Marcella Vonn Harting and Robert Tennyson Stevens This is Tape #1 in a series of empowering tools and technologies Young Living Essential Oils is sharing with you to reach your full potential in your personal life and in your business. My name is Marcella Vonn Harting. I am privileged to speak to you today on this series of tapes and to share with you tools and technologies to bring about balance and success in your life and in your business. Mary and Gary Young are committed to you being successful with Young Living and in doing so, I am partnering with Mary and Gary in sharing with you ‘Conscious Languaging’ through Mastery Systems and Robert Tennyson Stevens. Bob is here with me now, and in this interview, we are going to share with you tools and technologies to help you build your successful business with Young Living. Robert Tennyson Stevens I am glad to be here, Vonn. It is very exciting to me to be working with Young Living. My wife and I are really committed to this particular company, so it will be fun to explore with you today the power and the influence our language has, along with how we can use it in our lives and use it in our business of Young Living Essential Oils. Marcella Vonn Harting Bob, what does that look like for us? What is ‘conscious language?’ Give us a little history of what conscious language is and how this has influenced your life. Robert – What is Conscious Language? That is a big question. I first learned about language when I was in college and I had the opportunity to study the Hopi language as an independent study back in 1968. To make a very long story short, I found in the Hopi language that they did not have a word for ‘now’ because in their language they couldn’t get out of now in their consciousness to have to have a word to get back to now. I studied a book by Benjamin Lee Worf which was called Language, Thought, and Reality and that got me started me started on how our language truly influences us in our lives, and that was a beginning. It was a drop in the bucket for me. Now, 30 years later, I am passionately involved in the following: C……How does language influence us in our success, in our health, in our relationships? C……How does language directly influence us? C……How does our subconscious take it? I have come up with a whole system that I use in my daily life to find out the instant I may begin to self-sabotage and get back on course. Obviously, the outcome is to have my personal success and help other individuals have their success. Vonn – Upgrading ‘Want’ Tooday in this series of tapes, we are going to look at and explore self-coaching, aligning our words with our hearts’ desires. For me, what that looks like is when I met you four years ago in California I actually upgraded one word in my vocabulary and it changed my whole life. The word that I upgraded was ‘want.’ Can you expand on the meaning of ‘want?’ Robert – Want and Lack are the Same Thing The word ‘want’ is interesting because scripturally, just to take it as an idea–not necessarily anybody’s religion specifically–it says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Or it could mean, “The law is my shepherd or (the ‘I Am’ is my shepherd), I shall not want.”) To really learn what the word ‘want’ means (I desire or to desire without having), if I say, “I want health, I want joy, I want money, I want success, I want to increase my down-line, I want more time off,” the word want means “I don’t have it. I desire it..yes! And yet I lack it.” Want and lack are the same thing. Vonn – You Can Change Your Life! This is profound, because we live in a ‘want to be’ generation. For me, when I upgraded the word ‘want,’ the words that I upgraded were, ‘I choose to have and enjoy,’ and my life changed. My life changed instantly. So it is a privilege for me to share these tools and technologies with Mastery Systems, Bob, in a way to empower you to look in your life and really get down to looking at how we can empower each other and partner with each other for success in our business, how we can build a successful Young Living business, and empower and keep balance in our lives. Robert – A Passion for Natural Health One of the beautiful things for me is I have been involved in herbs–I am a Master Herbologist–I have been involved in Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy. I have been teaching Iridiology for 30 years. I have a passion for this natural health and consciousness in our bodies. I had my own supplement company, etc. and the beauty for me is when I first found out about Dr. Gary Young’s products, I thought it was Aromatherapy. Twenty some old years ago I had all the oils in my own company called Back to Eden, to follow along with Jethro Kloss. I thought it was about Aromatherapy and when my wife joined Young Living Essential Oils and I began to use the products, I found tremendous transformation in my own life. I thought..”This is exactly the nutritional path I am going to take (even though I had my own before that), and it perfectly matches exactly what I am doing in consciousness in languaging where we are getting to the essence of our being, the essence of the substance of the plant life for our well-being, as well as the essence of our language and the truth of our heart. Vonn – How Do We Align our Words? And with Young Living therapeutic-grade oils, this is profound in looking at the big picture and the world in which we live in today. Young Living and Dr. Gary Young are the first to introduce a therapeutic-grade oil to the United States, and to align our words I just look at the big picture of all of this, Bob, and it is really exciting for me! So, how do we share? How do we start to align our words? Can you expand a little on ‘What is conscious language?’ and ‘How do I take these tools and technologies into my business?’ Robert – Our Subconscious Takes Us Literally The first thing to be aware of in languaging–what I have learned over the years in working with many, many people (the numbers are huge)–is that my subconscious is literal. Literally, I have been working with 20,000 people and I finally woke up to the idea that my subconscious is literal. So if I say, “I hope to be successful,” my subconscious doesn’t know how to ‘hope.’ It’s like a computer, it either does it or it doesn’t. Hope is a nice energy, yet it denotes the possibility of me maybe not being successful. I am not saying ‘hope’ or even ‘want’ is a bad word, it’s just not my highest choice. So what I have learned in my relationship with language is to create a visual scene of what I’m saying and find out..”Does that actually give me what my heart’s desire is or what my highest choice is?” A Direct Association with Language and Success Most of us walking around today will find–and what I have learned directly–is that all symptoms of life have a direct language pattern associated with them. As an example, if I am walking around saying, “I can’t handle’s hard to handle..” I may get carpal tunnel or the symptoms of it anyway, or maybe arthritic conditions in my hands. In other words, there is a direct association with our languaging and our physical condition–our body–and there is also a direct relationship between “I want my successful business or a successful business” and “I am committed to enjoying my successful business.” So what I am learning is, there are all kinds of opportunities in languaging to upgrade our lives as we are upgrading with the substances we are taking in, that Dr. Gary and Mary have provided us through Young Living. Vonn – What Do You Choose To Do? So what I am receiving from you in conversation is a fact that if I look around and start to think about the people I partner with in my life who are saying, “Vonn, if I partner with you I’ll work hard, I’ll create a business with you, I’ll make a business..we’ll make money together..” and I look and see that, where is this going? And I’m seeing that nothing has happened. It’s funny to the degree in conscious language how many people out there in their Young Living business are choosing to make money. Robert – Challenges with Prosperity In the idea of making money, I do this thing called prosperity. I’ve had challenges with prosperity in my life so, therefore, I have used it as a reason for how does this thing work called ‘prosperity?’ Let’s Not ‘Make’ Money, Let’s Receive It! I want money, therefore, I choose to have money. Then it got down to the whole concept of survival and thrival. When I thrive, it’s a different concept, and I really believe as we continue to raise our frequency, we’ll learn how to thrive. In making money, as I began to study the wording ‘making money,’ I realized first of all, it’s against the law to make money! Making means printing! The effort and the idea of working hard to have money..well, working hard creates hardness in our bodies. There is a direct translation. Would I would rather make money or receive money? And ‘receive, have’ money is even bigger! So enjoy! That is true. I really would choose (or I do choose) to enjoy money. So if we take the idea that language is directly translated into our subconscious, the old idea ‘decree a thing thus and it shall be established unto you.’ Instead of making money, how about enjoying wealth, my wealth, my joy. Make it personal. Vonn – How Do We Self-Sabotage? What I am noticing out there is–and having had conscious language, actually being a trainer for conscious language through the Mastery Systems–it’s amazing how we are self-sabotaging in our language. Can you expand on the ways that we are self-sabotaging in our language that applies with our business. Robert – The Domains of Language Over the years, my commitment is find easier and easier ways (or more effective ways) to share languaging and I have come up with a thing called the ‘domains of language.’ There is a domain called the limitation in no choice where if I say, “I want something,” if I walk up and say, “Vonn, I want you to help me,” what I have done is access all your wants..not necessarily my highest choice. I could simply walk up and go direct..”Please help me, Vonn,” and there is an immediate response. I can even see it in your face sitting here and talking with you. “I want your help” and that influences or connects with your wants. It doesn’t necessarily say, “Please help me.” Or I could go, “Please help me.” I go direct..just go direct. “Please help me.” Even though you know I am saying it as an example, I see a change in your face. Words are powerful. Words create boundaries. They define our reality. Words can be directly taken by the subconscious, so the words we speak are actually directly related to the influence in our environment. Selecting words that are our heart’s desire, that are first-person personal, that are here now, can really influence. I’ll give you an example: If I say, “I choose to have the business,” it’s the business. And if I say, “I choose to have my business,” then it becomes personal. I could say, “I choose to have my successful business.” In all these words, the more specific I get, the more instantan-eous the manifestation. Vonn – Providing Answers for Truth Seekers I can feel that in my body as you speak the words, and what that brings me back to is in Young Living’s Mission Statement. One of the statements in that Mission Statement is “through extensive research and commitment to quality, we provide answers to those who are seeking truth.” Mary and Dr. Young are truth seekers. My experience in relationship with Dr. Young is he’s a man who is a visionary; he is a dreamer in bringing in his dreams. It is just a wonderful connection for me to be in relationship with this man and be involved in this man’s dreams. It is why I am with this company today and have been with this company for close to six years. I align with Dr. Young and his Mission Statement and the profound difference it is having in people’s lives. Mission Statements I was honored this month in the Young Living newsletter in my Mission Statement, and one statement in my Mission Statement is that “I am a source of guidance, information and support for all in their healing journey.” I am going to ask you, Bob, to share your Mission Statement with Mystery Systems and why I am looking at what our Mission Statements are, is I feel this is a very important tool for us to have in our business. It is important for us to have a Mission Statement and an alignment and see if we are in alignment in our words and in what we are doing with our business. So, can you share your Mission Statement with me, Bob? Robert – Sharing Mission Statements I certainly can, and I love the idea of having a Mission Statement. Scripture says is this way: ‘What we put our attention upon, that ye become.’ So by stating what my mission is, I’ll know when I’m living it and I’ll know when I’m off course and can get back on track. Mastery Systems’ Mission Statement Our Mission Statement in Mastery Systems for my wife, Helene, and I is the following: “Our outcome is to be influential in bringing the language in conscious-ness essential for this planet to embody a vibrantly healthy environment in sustaining a population of health, abundance, love, respect, and fulfillment.” I know when I am on course with my Mission Statement, and I know when I’m off course, so language is defining what my life is like. And I know you have your Mission Statement. I know that Young Living is living its Mission Statement. I really feel it is important for all of us as trainers, distributors, customers or with high-vibration products like we have here in Young Living Essential Oils to be able to say, “What is the purpose of moving upscale? What is the purpose of my life in actually giving myself more energy, feeling better, by having greater memory, having greater nerve supply in my body? What am I going to do with all this life?” Because it will return quicker as we give ourselves a purpose for it. Vonn – Life-changing Products As for that purpose, Young Living has been a place for me to really look into myself and reach my full potential. Through Dr. Young and this man’s mission and Mary and the relationship I have with this company, I have had an opportunity to go in and see what my full potential is. Bob, I love to teach, and Young Living has been a vehicle for me to go out and teach and share conscious language, share empowering, inspiring, motivating tools and technologies with people to the degree of looking at a supplement, looking at one oil in their life that could change their life. My experience with Young Living is that this company is one where every product is life-changing. In looking at all network marketing companies–just looking at what products are out there with all these companies–my observation is that most of the network marketing companies out there in the field today have one great product, one great product that can change your life. My experience with Young Living is that every one of our products can change your life. We could build a company around every one of our products. Robert – Getting Involved with Young Living I certainly agree with that. Having been in the field of nutrition (as I mentioned having my own company in nutrition), what is important for me to share is I thought Young Living was about something different than it is. Truly, the way Gary has approached what we are doing in Young Living is he is going to the essence of what I call the ‘personality of the herb’ or the ‘substance of the plant’ and keeping it in a healthy enough form for us to take in as human beings. I carried all the oils, and some were a pretty high rate of vibration and some weren’t. When I finally found Gary’s products, the distinction in the quality he had and how quickly it worked in me or my body or the people that I share with, was so dramatically stronger and faster that is when I, first of all, got involved with the company. Second, through your invitation we can speed up our consciousness to agree with the vibration or the blessing in these substances by our language as well. Vonn Can you expand a little bit on that thought of how we could speed up? Robert -Emotions, Words, and Health Yes, with all belief systems (some people call them ‘thought forms’) I’ve sometimes had a hard time getting into a door. Sometimes I felt kind of heavy, so as I believe–in my experience of life–there is a relationship of my thoughts, my words, and my feelings to my body. Of course, we have studied it and the scientists of the world today are coming around with the fact that our emotions directly influence our blood quality, etc., but I’m not here to talk about that necessarily. Yet, ultimately, the thoughts that I have, the feelings that I feel are always expressed in words. And by under-standing the language that I am even thinking (my internal dialogue), if I am thinking, “It’s hard, I can’t, I’m not quite sure, I’m afraid, etc.,” I can catch my language and make a new choice. Anything I say isn’t good or bad. It just is. Is This my Highest Choice? Ultimately, my request to myself is, “Is my current belief, my current feeling or my current thought, word, it my highest choice?” I can make a new schoice at any moment. If I see something as difficult, it’s really hard to build my business, and I just say, “Cancel that.” Making a New Choice I choose to make it very easy to be successful in living my own business or having wonderful communications with my family or being able to share my heart, the things that I believe in. So it’s one of our little sayings or affirmations (our mantra), “I choose to make this fun and easy. I choose to make this full of grace. My attention moves to grace and ease.” And it begins to be easy. Just simply making a new choice is one of the first steps in conscious languaging. Vonn – Choosing to be Pain-free That’s wonderful! And the thought that comes to my mind when you are speaking is, “In this healthrelated industry that we are in, I have people come up to me and say, ‘Vonn..I choose to be pain-free” What I see is that they have just brought up pain to then be pain-free.’ Robert – Defining Health Goals Yes, it’s almost like not having to pay for the pain we have. It didn’t change the pain. It is so important. In fact, a lot of physicians who come and do the work we are involved in learn ways of saying things that are life-giving. If I tell people, “We are beings of what is, we’re ‘is-ness.’ God is a god of ‘what is’, so to speak, and so to speak in the language (I call it babble) of what isn’t is nonproductive. Even the word ‘isn’t.’ If I say ‘isn’t it a beautiful day.” I’m saying, “Is not it a beautiful day?” It actually collapses in on itself. So what I am learning is, how could it be instead of ‘pain-free’ to have health? The way I learned this (really learned it) is people were coming in and I was doing Iridology appointments and they would come in and I would say, “Why are you here?” And they would say, “Well, I can’t do this and I have this problem and this issue..” Of course, I didn’t delve into the disease arena. I would only maybe talk to them about symptoms and focus more on what their choice for their health is. So if somebody says, “I would like to get rid of this problem and get rid of that problem and not have this and not be tired, and not be, not be, not be..”(which is ultimately death), I would ask them, “What is your goal for your health?” Frequently, it would take 45 minutes for them to begin to identify how they’ll know once they begin to feel better. That could be the same as why we joined this business or why we are involved in our lives, or what is the outcome for our relationship? Is it to stop arguing, to stop being tired, stop, stop…or to start something, to begin to have easy, loving communications, to have intimacy, to have more energy in our body, to have more life force, to have greater memory? In other words, ‘pain-free’ doesn’t necessarily mean what we think,. You can die being pain-free if you use morphine, and the idea of pain-free isn’t our outcome. What is the outcome of being healthy? It could be being relaxed in my body; it could be in feeling good. Vonn – Outcome-based Words This is a whole new language for many people in just the words of ‘outcome.’ To really look at ‘what is my outcome, what is my highest choice’ takes me into a whole new place of looking at my life and how words affect me, you sharing what you shared. It took me back to thinking about Dr. Young in his clinic in Mexico. Dr. Young had a clinic in Mexico for seven years and he shared with me the first thing he asked his patients when they came into the clinic. He asked them two questions, and how they answered those two questions determined whether they could stay in the clinic. The first question Dr Young asked his patients was: “Why did you decide to have cancer in your life?” and the second question was: “When did you decide to bring cancer into your life?” I know that what we are talking about here in language in learning our heart’s desire is very closely felt with Dr. Young because he realized that emotions have a lot to do with our words and what we are doing today. Gary shared with me that he could always tell whether someone was sincere or whether they would see their outcome, whether they would literally be able to transmute their cancer in their answer to that question. Robert – Creating Our Own Reality When you actually were the one to share this intimate information about Dr. Gary, I knew I was on the right team, truly, and what I learn in associating with the people I work with is that I am creating my own reality. We Consent and Agree.. I used to try to take care of people–they would come in and I would try to fix them somehow, but I realized that everything that is going on in our lives around us–and especially our relationship to it and within us (in our own physical bodies), in our own mental states and our own emotional realities–is something we are consenting to and agreeing with, whether we knew we created it or not. We didn’t necessarily consciously choose it, and yet we definitely co-created it. We are involved in it. As a man, as a woman thinketh in our hearts, so are we. In our hearts is our feeling world (yet it’s also in learning), so again, when you had shared that story with me a while ago I was so (and still am) enthusiastic, because I am in the right place! Making New Choices To those of you listening–obviously because we are creating this tape series–there is more to it than just taking supplements or giving ourselves these wonderful essence oils in our being. In other words, we can help this thing out by making a new choice. For example, if I chose to get ‘x,y,z,’ symptom, I can make a new choice. If I don’t have feeling in my body, maybe it’s because I don’t want to feel something. Maybe I can bring love back into the model, into my picture, into my being, into my experience..and change my life. Vonn – Language Affects Our Lives Thank you for sharing. It is really profound when we look at our language and how it affects us in our lives. I look at my own life and look at my business and who I partner with in building my business with Young Living and I hear the word ‘try’ a lot in this industry. It’s amazing the meaning of ‘try’ and what that really looks like..the self-sabotaging words that we say every day. Robert – I Am That I Am The power of language goes to me (to the ‘I am’). The way I relate it in my understanding of ‘I’.,’I’ is the unmanifest (or our Creator), and ‘am’ is ‘action,’ so it is creator in action or God in action (or however anybody relates it to their own belief systems). ‘I am that I am’ is a profound statement. If I say ‘I (creator) try,’ it’s literally impossible to try, for ‘I am that I am.’ Upgrade Through Language If I say, “I want, I need, I should, I have to, I’ve got to..” in other words, if I said to a computer, “Try to add one plus one, the two would almost come to the screen and then fade away, in my imagination. And so it is very important for us as we move upscale to allow our language system to model or actually lead our upscaling, our upgrading. In other words, we run out and we give tuneups to our cars and we upgrade our computers, and I really feel as we are taking in these most immaculate products or substances that God has given us–and thank God we are finding ways to make them pure to go into our beings–it is also really important that we upgrade our thoughts, our words, and our emotions. And language is one of the ways we define it. Vonn Yes, and when it comes back to the word, ‘try,’ what happens when somebody says they’ll ‘try’ to meet you? Robert – Self-Sabotaging Words First of all, the subconscious does not know how to try. Our ‘our am’ doesn’t know how to try. It is the definition of self-sabotage. “I’m trying to get better. I am working on getting better..” That’s another one, “I’m working on getting better.” Working on getting means that I am just working and working and working on almost moving toward getting better. If someone were to simply shift and say, “I choose to be healthy now.” We have learned about this state and I am really into imagination. If I could simply shift and go, “Now that I’m healthy, what’s my life like..” my subconscious would begin to give me my health immediately. If I go, “Well, I need to do this or that and I can get healthy,” I may do whatever protocol, whatever there is for me to get healthy and enjoy my life. And yet, how many of us have even conceived, had our mission, or imagined what our healthy life is, what our healthy planet is, what our healthy relationships are. That’s the next thing, I believe what our human consciousness needs to do is to imagine..what is it like now that we have our healthy life? Move from trying into having, doing, and being. Vonn – Franchising and Duplication This is really important. I have been married close to 20 years in February and I am married to a man whose whole family has been in the franchise business. Why I share this with you is I think it is very important in our business that we become duplicatable. If I’m out there building my business and no one can duplicate me, then how can I be successful? For me, I have this background in a franchise. What makes franchises successful? What makes a franchise successful is the truth that wherever you go with this franchise, you get a quality consistency, so these are tools that I am looking at in empowering my family of Young Living. Also with language, because this really is a system, right, Bob? So how does this system look? How can we actually empower the listener with being duplicatable in tools and success in their life here? Robert – Choose What You Want to Manifest First of all, it’s a visual system, and yet I will relate it because this is obviously an auditory communication system we have here. The ultimate outcome of the entire system is to speak only that which we choose to have come into manifestation now and continuously. Let me say it another way: The outcome of conscious languaging (or what I call language in Mastery) is to speak only what we choose to have come into manifestation, into reality moment to moment to moment. Now, that is a big discipline. Imagine that every single word is spirit–in essence inspiration breath–coming across our vocal cords, across and through our being into the universe. The life and death is in the power of the tongue. It is profound. So the outcome first, I feel, is important in under-standing where we are going to go with this, so the potential in my personal discipline is to remember that every word is a thing–I could say it is an energy form, it is a thing–it went to the universe. If I am really going to give myself my heart’s desire or my greatest qualities or give to someone else, every thought I think toward them comes back to me. We reap what we sow. Speak and Live Your Heart’s Desire My outcome is ultimately (when I am living my heart’s desire) to remember to have my words be my heart’s desire. That’s the outcome for me. Then to allow myself to understand that if I speak a word that isn’t my heart’s I may catch myself (or my daughter may catch myself..she’s a great coach), I can go..”oops, cancel!” My choice is, or I choose to have, or I claim, or I give myself permission to have..” In other words, it gets to be real for me. It’s not just words, it’s also feeling. Blood May Change When Words Change! So the one thing I have learned in our training school mastery is there is this thing called speaking a completely aligned statement. Once I make the statement, the rest of my life is centered around it. Oh, I know what aligned statements are. I know them. Every cell in my body says, “yes!” Actually, we have watched live cell analysis between just looking at the quality of my blood cur-rently and then doing an aligned statement and looking at the quality of my blood..and it changes! Wow! Whether that is completely true for everyone, I don’t know. It was in this particular test that I did. Words are Spirit Coming Through Us Our words are power. Our words are spirit coming through us. So there are these domains of language that either bring our self-sabotage or bring us our heart’s desire. Remember, first of all, speak only that which you choose to have come into manifestation, then learn what needs to, should have to, got to, so that in order to learn the quality of languaging, then say, “Alright, my outcome is (or my choice is or I claim) other words, remember who the I Am (that I Am within me), who I am, and speak only from the quality that I imagine my I am to be. Vonn – Finding Our Aligned Statement So how does one find out their aligned statement? Let’s say, how does one find out their mission statement? Let’s bring this back into the business of Young Living and building your business. How do I go out and find my mission statement with Young Living in alignment with my heart’s desire with this business? Robert – Knowing Truth That’s a big question and a beautiful one, because that is what we are here to do. In a moment I may ask you yours, because I know you know yours and you are manifesting it. I believe that if I admit the truth in my heart, it’s going to set me free. When I go in and find out my mission statement with Young Living Essential Oils, it’s a fact-finding mission for awhile and it’s a self-training and a self-discovery. One choice is to bring to my team (the people I love and care for) those things that will bless me. I want to bring to myself and my family those qualities of life, those substances of life, those herbs, vitamins, those oils, or whatever they may be . That has been one of my personal treks, to find the things that will bless me best. Catch the Vision.. First I see there is a vision for me. I see my mother, my father, my sister, my loved ones, my wife, my children healthier and healthier and immediately able to know what to do for themselves, know how to feed themselves, not just heal. Even though that’s important, it’s like moving upscale. I believe what Dr. Gary Young has developed here is much more than just healing something. I feel I am just the survival model. He is actually giving me tools to thrive, to truly thrive in my own life. So what I am doing is showing you that it is obviously not survival. I am finding that thriving is really important, and not just healing, but being healed and actually getting healthier and healthier and more and more conscious. What Are We Here For? Each one of us can ask the question, “And now that I am living an ideal life–not that I have my ideal business in Young Living and my ideal relationships with the people I work with, the people I live with (my family)–what’s my life like?” It is something that we have evolved into, the “I want to, I need to, I’ve got to, I should, I must..” We need to turn it into..”Well, I give myself permission to have it, or I choose to make it easy to have it, or I claim..” In other words, really find within our hearts what we are here for. I know you have shared this before. I am already teaching, so now some of my mission is to empower individuals to have tools to make their lives more fulfilling, whether it is teaching or sharing to be more effective in communication. If I tell people, “You want to, you need to, should, you have to,” I am speaking at them. If I say, “I empower you to,” what I am learning is that just by word alone I can shift from wanting to having. Vonn – Finding an Alternative Path Yes, my experience and my relationship with Young Living and Dr. Gary and Mary and the close to six years that I have been involved with this company has been exceptional. I actually got involved with this company through Mary Young with some challenges in my own life with my children. When my daughter was born, there were many challenges for her and for me, and it put me on a path of looking at alternatives. It put me on a path of looking at nutrition and what I could do in the field of bringing back balance in my daughter’s life. She was diagnosed with having a severe language processing challenge (that is the word I am choosing to upgrade the situation to). You know, it’s amazing with language. I have looked at language and find that in Japan they have no word for ‘retarded’ and yet, needless to say, they have no retarded people. Just what we do in language is phenomenal because we label people and then we live out those labels. Allow Duplication by Your Example I’ve share this story with you because for me, in allowing myself to be duplicatable in the business of Young Living and building a successful business, I choose to be an example. I have built a successful business and am continuing to build a successful business in this company. How I have done this and do this everyday in my life is I share from my heart. I share from that place of ‘what’s my experience with these oils?’ and people come to me and they ask me, “Well, how do I do this?” The first thing that I share is, “Buy and oil. Go home and play with it. Rub that oil on the bottom of your feet. Smell it, have an experience with that oil or that supplement and see if there is value for you. If there is value for you, then share that value with people.” Robert – Learn to Speak from the Heart That is profound. I just love it. I’ve known you for four years, let’s say, and I knew your word patterns before I met you and I noticed there was some compulsion happening..”got to, have to, you must or I need to, I need it to satisfy..” and you have made huge shifts in just the way you operate your life. I call conscious languaging or any languaging an operating system, and I notice that you speaking from your heart is easy for you now. Since you have been working with Young Living for almost six years and meeting Gary and Mary, I am asking you, “What did you shift on inside of you in languaging to allow you to begin to enjoy your personal success and to continue to amplify and grow you personal success in Young Living?” Vonn – It Can be Fun and Easy! That is a good question, Bob. The first thing I did in conscious languaging with Mastery Systems was I became conscious of my words and how I was living out my life in the words I was using. One of the first things I did that allowed all of this to happen for me was I gave myself permission to have fun with it and for things to be fun and easy for me in my life. I share that because up until those number of years I was unaware that I could have fun doing this. I am not saying that I did not have fun. I did have fun, but I was unaware that just through my words and putting it out there, this could be fun and easy! It actually shifted my whole world. I have been quoted all over the United States as saying, “When this looks like a job..I am out of here!” It’s one of the things that is really heart-felt for me because it is really fun, Bob, to share with passion these oils, these supplements and how they have made profound differences in my life. Challenges Resolved.. My daughter is 15 years old today and she is up to date in the whole school program and in her life and in balance. We are looking at a child here that in the past had challenges. I live in Arizona and in Scottsdale they would have put my daughter in a retarded program in the school systems. That is how severe the challenges were. An Extraordinary Company Dr. Gary Young has allowed me to put so many tools out there, and that is the one thing where I have so much respect for Dr. Young. There are a lot of things that have made this man what he is today. He shares all of those things. It isn’t just about a bottle of oil or one supplement, it’s about that balance in our lives. I have so much respect for Dr. Young and Mary and the fact that they are partnering with you and me right now in this series of tapes. Young Living sponsored the first company-sponsored class in Denver this last month, and it’s such an honor to be with a company that is always looking (for Gary) at what is the distributor’s highest choice, the trainer’s highest choice? What is our highest choice in this company? It is such a great feeling to be with a company that is always looking at my good. Robert – Leadership Languaging I know, and I have done this. I can follow people who have tremendous success in their life, like Dr. Gary does (as an example) and when it comes to finding an herb or finding a remedy or finding a way to get something out, I know that he is using languaging that is strong, connected, and empowering. And you can see it by the results in his life. The truth is, we can follow anyone who has success and whether they may use the word ‘want or need’ anywhere in their life, their operating system still isn’t run by that limited word. The stronger belief inside is the one that wins. Obviously, if we can upgrade them all, then we can have greater and greater fun. I know if I were just to stay there all day and be able to record his thoughts and his words and the worded expressions in his feelings, it would be words of.. “I can, I empower, I claim, or I choose, I know or I’ll find out. I will take action” and “or please find out, or please call so and so. Go to the library and find out yourself ..”(which is an empowering process). Vonn – Mind Mapping and Aligning Goals Thank you for sharing, and it is a privilege to be with this company. One of the things that I think has been a tool for me and the success in my business is a technology that I learned from Mastery Systems called ‘Mind Mapping.’ Basically, what mind mapping is, is aligning my goals. What I would like to do is expand a little bit on goal setting and for us to look at that as a wonderful tool, aligning our partners with our business and looking at goals and finding a way of measuring those goals. Robert – Involving the ‘Right’ Brain It is one of my top passions in my life to find ways to attain things, whether it is health or whatever it is. Some of the work that we study is Neville’s. Any of you that get a chance to read an author, his one name is Neville. Read it because it is about activating our imagination. In this mind mapping process (which a lot of the trainers teach), it is a way, it’s a simple mind mapping of drawing lines and using different colors and shapes, etc. which keep our right brain involved. What is the Desired Outcome? We call it conscious mind mapping, conscious creative mind mapping. We can use words. If I say words like..”I choose to make more money..” well, we know more about making, so maybe I choose to have more, be paid more (whatever the words are), take into even greater and greater levels to specificity and the outcome of our choice. I might say something like, “I choose to receive a check of ‘x’ dollars and I choose to enjoy the money I have, and my outcome from having this is..” In other words, what is the outcome from being abundant? Conditional Choices The further we can go in our goal setting or goal imagination or outcome enjoyment brings it to us more rapidly, instead of thinking,..”I’ve got to do this so that I can get this, do that in order to..” This is all part of languaging..’do thats in order tos.’ They are called conditional choices, one thing must happen before another. I can go, “My outcome is to receive a check like this to help people enjoy ‘xyz’ in their life. In other words, the more specific we get in our goal setting (and we can do it right here as I am speaking), the better. What happens for me when I am listening to tapes like these, is I actually go do it. Constantly lean on our screen is what I am learning as I lean on my own screen. “What’s my outcome for being successful?” not “What’s it going to take?” Specify and Identify.. Scripture says it this way (I am paraphrasing), “You identify the destiny..” and God says, “I’ll figure out the steps.” I have been looking in the past so often for the steps, that I don’t even know where I am going. Now is the time to change it and set a goal. “By the year end, I will the year end I will enjoy.. I feel, by the year end those people I am working with (people in my down-line, my up-line) are experiencing, my family is experiencing the ‘xyz’.” The more specific I am, the more instantaneous the manifestation Vonn – Writing Down the Goals So in writing these goals, if your goal was to be a Master Star with Young Living right now and you looked at your goals and you had your down-line write down their goals and see where they are, then you could be in alignment to see who else is choosing to be a Master Star and that is where the alignment comes in. That is where you get to play a partner on how that happens. A thought came to me when you were saying that.. ”I choose to qualify with grace and ease.. monthly, continuously”. Just putting that out there, creates a feeling of success, doesn’t it? You just feel that! “ I qualify with grace and ease.” Robert – Works for Others, Too! You put it out there and also put it in here, because when you say, “I am qualifying or I choose to qualify with grace and ease and I give myself permission to qualify with grace and ease and I am so confident in my requalifying every single month..” boom, boom! “Those around me qualify with grace and ease.” They do with you, isn’t that true? Vonn – We are the Examples That’s true. We are examples of what we are doing in our lives, and through this series of tapes we are going to have a lot of fun and give to you inspiring tools and technologies and ways to motivate and make easy the building of a successful business. Robert I am so grateful that our company, Young Living. is so committed to finding out what works and sharing it and I really thank Gary and Mary Young for doing that. Vonn too. And thank you, Mary and Gary! Thank you listeners. We look forward to talking to you on Tape 2.

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