pollen “snow storm”

RCStats from France, for example, that the world exports far more of any given essential oil than they harvest the crops to produce!! Where do you suppose all that extra “oil” comes from?

When Young Living is out of stock of my favorite oils, I bless the reminder to not take for granted the labor and intensity to provide us with such exclusive oils! All that is expected of me is to pay a pittance for the portion I use and I get excited by the assurance we are the only company that gets it! Simply, Young Living responds at the same pace as Mother Nature in any given season. Isn’t that wonderful!!

If you’re like me and love love love our RC oil blend which I’ve never been without in over 15-years (Respiratory Congestion), you may also find your answer in this recent note I wrote to my dear friend.

“Been thinking about the RC and the what-if I had two little ones counting on me. I’m sure you agree any trials diffusing other oils would be on days I could be with them the next morning to get them back on track, if need be, by applying a couple drops of our tried and true RC to the pads of their toes (sinus reflex endpoints) and keeping a Breathe Again roll-on for frequent quick swipe application under their nose the first couple hours of the morning so they breathe in the aroma.

My sense is there is more you get to discover in Young Living and as frustrating as it can be, you still know you are getting the very best quality product! It can be fun and I, for one, would be missing a tooth right now if I didn’t stretch beyond our awesome awesome Thieves, and add the Melaleuca Quinquenervia. You’ll remember too that for my husband’s horrible “asthma” he was treated for all his life, it only took a brief time layering the oils of Thieves, RC, and Peppermint all at the same time. Healed!! Smell the peppermint again yourself to experience just how opening up the sinuses that is in a pinch!

In talking to Young Living, in place of RC they say replace with Raven blend, or Eucalyptus Blue (coughs especially), or Dorado Azul. Breathe Again roll-on and the Thieves Lozenges have helped me the most in allergy type situations, like heavy dust. Those will give you the simplest options to repeat when sharing with others.

When I want an oil blend that is all used up for the season, I also enjoy creatively pulling the single oils that make up the particular blend, and layer those that ARE still available right on top of each other topically applied. Of course, not every one of the singles in a blend will be available because that is what is keeping the blend from being plentiful. But in this case I might choose to diffuse whatever is available such as Eucalyptus Globulus (3 drops), Eucalyptus Radiata (2 drops), Myrtle (1 drop), Pine (1 drop), Marjoram (1 drop), Peppermint (1 drop). At very least, the three oils from RC blend that I highlighted here.

So like if RC were out of stock, I’d diffuse Raven. If Raven is out of stock I’d diffuse Eucalyptus Blue. Eucalyptus Blue and Dorado Azul are both grown and harvested on Young Living’s farm in Ecuador where Gary is highly revered by the government for teaching the people how to farm and thrive. Amazing! Mother Nature lovingly provides for all our needs so lovingly, you can’t make a mistake. Enjoy!!”