stabbed and two broke legs, part II

The humor is, “you should have seen the other guy”! This other guy is the sharp edge of the pine box I landed on 4-months ago. The white dent in the middle of the picture is the groove of my right leg and beside that you can see my left.

To describe the layers of healing is difficult. I watched it all through faith without casts to hide every healing moment and seeming setback and as special as that was, it is no fun remembering. I hope you will use this knowledge to bless someone else. Time for me to move on so here goes… by my bedside as I progressed:

– Wintergreen = my heating pad
– Peppermint = my ice pack enhancer
– Cypress = circulation
– Helichrysum = supports repair to damaged tissue
– Frankincense = the heavy hitter in crisis
– Idaho Balsam Fir = used during pain and inflammation
– Lemongrass = support to tendons and ligaments
– Immupower = encourage my immune system
– Basil = relaxing to muscles
– Lavender = calming and soothing
– Ginger = because a doctor from China told me he uses to heal broken bone

– PanAway = contains oils wintergreen, peppermint, cypress, helichrysum
– Tranquil Roll-on = INTANTLY calmed restless legs
– RutaVaLa and StressAway roll-ons = later added these too
– The Gift = raise my body to healing frequency
– Purification = my greatest comfort on deep yellow bruises, INCREDIBLE!
– TraumaLife = emotional support
– White Angelica = (and any oil blends that speak to your own emotions)
– Valor = oil blend aligning physical and emotional energy

– Thieves oil blend into empty gelcaps = my antibiotic to ward off infection
– Thieves toothpaste
– Thieves Mouthwash
– Thieves Dental floss
– Lavender Lip Balm = soften my dehydrating lips and under eyes

– OrthoEase Massage Oil w/Spray adapter
– Lavender water mixed in spray bottle (I like 2 drops per ounce of water) to spritz face and wounds
– Extra Spray Bottle of spring water and the last drops of all other oils mixed for easy application

Supplements cause there’s a lot going on internally!
– Ningxia water = 2 ounces of Ningxia in bottle of water
– Sulfurzyme = pain and support rebuilding
– BLM = bone, ligament, muscle
– MultiGreens = nutrients
– OmegaGize = internal systems’ lubricant
– ComforTone = support elimination due to lying still so long

– Rose Ointment = soft the skin as it became rigid and mummified
– Young Living homemade Eye drops = lubricant

– Thieves Spray = to cleanse wound without touching
– Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier = cleanse hands often

– LavaDerm = soothe skin with lavender and aloe
– Heavy duty disposable towels (damp)
– Roll of bathroom size waste can liners for bedpan
– Flashlight
– Gauze
– Tops of clean white stretchy socks, cutoff, to use as bandaging as became doable

One setback moment was after 3-weeks when I was petrified realizing I couldn’t lift my left leg. THE ANSWER was to stretch the muscle by first going back into the fetal position where the muscles took on the memory of convulsing and, while in THAT position, I was able to lift my hip up and down. Once the muscle was engaged, I straightened the leg a little more and again lifted as best I could. Eventually, the leg was completely straight and now, I had reached my goal!