stabbed and two broke legs, part I

I don’t believe in accidents. By definition, “ACCIDENT: an incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally; happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause”. Now an emergency on the other hand!,…. “EMERGENCY: a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action”.

Yep, this was no accident. I executed perfectly all the right goofing around moves to fracture my legs in half on a failed Box Jump. As I approach 6-weeks laying on my back, I can tell you the absolute, utmost, if-I-can-only-have-three-things on hand, what is my emergency kit?

But I’ve listed ‘7’ Young Living products! BECAUSE IT’S AND EMERGENCY!! Many body systems are going into trauma all at once. Here goes my must, must haves and why:


**PanAway essential oil blend

**Peppermint essential oil

**Purification essential oil blend

**Tranquil Roll-on

**OrthoEase Massage Oil blend

**Lavender water (I like 2 drops Lavender oil per ounce purified water)

**Thieves oil blend, and empty Young Living gelcaps


PanAway. PanAway. PanAway. – my shins landed on the edge of the pine box and bounced again before falling to the floor. Almost comical, I politely said to my husband, “oil”! Any time there is skin abrasion, I go straight to Lavender and it is no mystery what shelf to find the oils in our house. But it is to my surprise that the only oil I wanted, and was quickly pouring directly into the open wound, was straight PanAway oil blend. Sure, I rolled around on the floor for an hour in the fetal position but every time I lost my edge or felt like passing out, more splashes of PanAway was all it took!!!!!  Still astounds me after all these years with the oils!! Relief! Instant relief!!


Peppermint – This is an ice pack in a bottle! And I also wore literal ice packs around the clock for the first two weeks. What was super fun and easy to care for myself was that my husband would leave me with regular Ziploc bags 1/3 full of water, and a bowl of ice. Throughout the day I could just add 3 more ice cubes to keep it cold and I never had to worry about rotating ice off my skin every 20-minutes. I’d place the bottom of the bag on top of my leg, and lay the bag forward. The water naturally leveled itself, sealed off my wound, and my ice water was perfectly balanced in place with little effort. The moisture sweating from the bag also created a nice cling.


Purification – see I told you I couldn’t stop at 3 oils!  Purification b l e w  m e  a w a y  at the instant relief rubbed over yellow bruising (refers to deep tissue bruising). In an instant was the difference of comfort to start putting weight on my legs again (only after bones healed!!)


Tranquil Roll-on – also one of my most shocking enlightenments to an injury. Instantly calmed the pulsating stages of pain. Instantly!!


OrthoEase Massage Oil blend – I swapped a spray adapter to my bottles of massage oils to control the usage, but was I ever grateful to this little feature when applying oils on wounded flesh!! No time to rub! I also love to use OrthoEase to wash my face to keep skin soft and remove the day’s makeup; wiping off excess with a warm wet washcloth.


Lavender water spray bottle – interesting thing about my Lavender water, this was the same bottle I already had made up to wash my windows for a streak-free shine. Thank goodness it was ready for my emergency!! Great support for healing skin.


Thieves oil blend, and empty Young Living gelcaps – when someone else might choose antibiotics, this is my personal choice. I take my Thieves blend internally and if I didn’t have gelcaps (LOL, of course I always keep empty gelcaps on hand), then I would simply put my 16-drops of essential oil in a spoon with a small dollop of Agave or Honey.


WHAT ABOUT this stabbing thing? So like, without the use of my legs for now, I rely solely on my upper body strength to leverage my torso periodically back and forth to a lined bucket by my side. I was wondering where that ink pen had gone that day and there it was, open ended, lodged secure between the seat cushion as I thrust my body back to ‘safety’, OH MY.