water filled cyst

What would I do if I had a water-filled balloon cyst on the back of my calf or knee? Known typically as a Baker’s Cyst, it is said to be an accumulation of joint fluid that may on occasion rupture, causing painful swelling and bruising. Ouch! Layer a couple drops of YL Frankincense and Cypress […]

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feeling inflexible moving forward

…. are your knees up to taking on your workweek? Better yet, go straight to the reflex nerve that ends at the outer aspect of your foot, at the base of the fifth metatarsal (that bone sticking out) where your shoe rubs. Just work that bone several seconds with the intention you are working stress […]

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need no knee replaced

BLM supplement (bone, ligament, muscle) Omega Blue supplement (now OmegaGize³ as internal lubricant) Sulferzyme supplement (used often against suffering and repair) Ningxia Red (our delicious berry antioxidant drink to balance pH) Raindrop Kit (very special combination of oils and blends supporting nerves, bones, muscles) Young Living’s Diamond, Shannon Hudson, shares how she avoided knee replacement using this combination […]

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