water filled cyst

What would I do if I had a water-filled balloon cyst on the back of my calf or knee? Known typically as a Baker’s Cyst, it is said to be an accumulation of joint fluid that may on occasion rupture, causing painful swelling and bruising. Ouch!

  • Layer a couple drops of YL Frankincense and Cypress Essential Oils onto area 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Additionally, layering on top of that a couple drops of Copaiba, amplifies the other oils (as Gary said, “like they’re on steroids”), and/or a drop of Peppermint to aid the inflammation and drive any other oil in deeper. Elevate leg when possible.
  • Check the happy miracle bending your legs over the next several days!
  • BONUS:  YL Sulfurzyme is a superior supplement when fluid pressure inside cells is higher than outside.
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