as long as your oregano is open

OreganoOregano is one of the powerful oils supporting nerve health that’s included in Young Living’s Raindrop Series; a real multi-tasker! A few years back, I had a less-than-petite mole and, about to head out on a YL Leadership Cruise, I sure didn’t want it in my picture memories. So on others’ testimonies, I applied a drop of YL Oregano oil morning and night directly to this mole large enough to charge rent. After a couple weeks or so, the delicate skin surrounding it became pink and sensitive. I could have protected the area with a drop of YL V-6 Massage Oil so that the essential oil would absorb more slowly but I just stopped applying for awhile. Shortly after starting up again applying Oregano, the skin was itching as you know healing skin does and when I reached to scratch, that was the last memories of that tenant. Fell off no drama, no scar.

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