a little goes a longggg way

Have you played with your food lately?!

I sure have and the instant gratification that comes from mixing up our own sauces, dips, and dressings. Well, I’ve played enough to prove my position that no one is perfect .

So here’s my best tip…. when you are adding one of the hot oils like YL Oregano oil or YL Thyme oil to season dipping sauce for your homemade fish tacos, rather than drip a full drop of essential oil directly into your yogurt base to flavor, drip the oil

  • FIRST into a souvenir shot glass with a teaspoon of water or olive oil.
  • THEN you can control the strength by adding a drop or two of the now flavored liquid!

All is well; it turned out to be a good night to try takeout pizza that unfortunately reminded us that my cooking isn’t so bad!!

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