ningxia red travel packs

NingxaRedPacketsHOME FROM CUBA!! The stories and testimonies OMG! So today is for me to recover my thoughts and my suitcase. My best advice though is that when you travel this summer, be it near or far, have a couple YL Ningxia Red Travel Packets in your bag and a couple to share if you are so inclined to bless someone else. I was acclimated last week to the consequences of foreign food and the doctor I was working with insisted I needed the shot he held in his hand. I insisted no. And too weak to explain to him that back in my room I had the shot I needed. A SHOT OF NINGXIA RED. After I was taken to my room and able to lift my head, I diluted a pack of our ‘Ningxia’ with purified water and sipped ever so slowly throughout the night allowing my pH to  s l o w l y  come back to balance. Ta da!  It is good to know I have a product I can trust with my life!!  And I do!!

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