forgiven this very moment

You’ve got to know that to God, you are the most treasured, amazing of all His creations. YOU!

Each one of us, from His own image, one image, a reflection of each other.

So next time your frustration yells “he did” or “she did”, listen as you change the “he/she” to “I”.

Feel the shift. Delight in seeing it is your own reflection pushing your buttons, your own issue. Honor that while you are responsible, you are not guilty. Feelings of “guilt” only serve to inflict us into literal physical pain.

On the other hand, being “responsible” positions us back into our power to RECALIBRATE. My favorite supporting oils for such healings, you may agree, include Young Living oil blends ForgivenessRelease, and Gratitude. If we can add one more, BELIEVE!  You are awesome!


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