face scrub rescue

So next time I travel with ONLY the bare necessities, YL Mint Satin Facial Scrub makes the cut!!

And the silliest part is, it would have served even more perfect due to the fact that it is perfectly wonderful if you don’t have good water to rinse it off completely! It’s an easy pitfall for loving our skin to fall into the category of “when I get around to it”.

But facialist extraordinaire, Cherie, tells me skipping your evening cleanse just one night sets your skin back a week!

Well it has been 10-days of travel and sweat on top of sweat with the notion I’ll-make-up-for-it-later. Later is now and my face responded in a big way back home to this favorite face mask! I’ve always preferred to massage this gentle face scrub onto clean dry skin and leave it rest for as long as I can without answering the doorbell or leaving the house. Then rinse with cool water and pat dry.

My skin feels alive again and I can’t stop touching it! Of course, that’s not the best idea either!


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