free lavender this month!

LavenderShowerGelCan’t have too much Lavender oil and you sure don’t want to run out of this very versatile oil! To top it off, yep, THIS MONTH’s BONUS (click here for details)!! Skin is our largest organ so I am fully committed to Young Living’s Bath & Shower gels for the health and condition of, especially, “pits and privates”. And because my dear precious husband doesn’t grasp the concept of “concentrated”, fun tip is to reuse our foaming hand soap containers. Just this week I reached for two strong squirts of YL Lavender Bath & Shower Gel, free with your qualifying July order, topped off with distilled water in an empty YL Lavender Foaming Hand Soap and, whalla! I also am a big fan of our “Morning Start” and “Dragon Time” shower gels!  One for a stimulating start to the day and, the other, an extra treat to balance evening hormones. Have fun finding your favorites!!

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