that’s why it’s in the “starter kit”

PurificationHoney, I’m so sorry about the bee sting!! Wasp, bee, whatever! Pain traveling halfway up his arm in an instant! It was dark and dear husband was helping me move flower pots. Seems his hand was where the bee had already claimed for the night and ZAP!  But on the other side of the front door was our bottle of YL Purification oil for such unplanned events (bee, mosquito, spider, tick, flea, etc). That’s why it is in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit!! Life happens to all of us! So a drop of this amazing blend of essential oils onto the hole the stinger left behind. A few minutes later, the pain starts up again?… then put another drop. And keep doing so until the last pain signal. The faster you get support to your body, the less trauma the body has to heal from, so actually this time took just 3 or 4 drops. I’ve even known Purification in action with people otherwise highly allergic to the bite! I love you precious!!  (wink, wink, I was talking to the oil.  LOL)  xx

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