still time for sunburn

Massage_cel-liteAt all costs, I dodge a sunburn. But when you’re having too much fun, or too much landscape, there you have it! So even though it was formulated to work on cellulite, in this August heat remember our YL Cel-lite Magic Massage Oil is another option we have to work on skin damage already done. Its Grapefruit Oil is noted for relieving skin cancers (also increases photo-sensitivity so don’t apply within 8-12-hours before sun exposure). Not only did the oil moisturize and calm the heat coming off his shoulders, but dear hubby’s skin only shed past the line as far as he could reach with the oils. Next time I’ll help with application. Okay, my bad. It didn’t have to happen in the first place so next time he goes to the pool, I promise to be there, “Did you remember to put on your YL Lavender Lotion“??!

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