have you had your shots?

After all these years, my favorite antioxidant power shot is still Young Living’s Ningxia Red , in a shot glass, with 1-3 drops YL Frankincense Essential Oil for a powerful preventative! You seriously feel the heal, and Yummmmm! For an extra blast of Vitamin C, I may add to that a drop of YL Orange Essential Oil too  😉

CLICK HERE for a printout of other popular ways to experience your Ningxia everyday!! Also a great time to point out that Young Living’s Essential Oils have always been world leader in quality standards, along with dozens of essential oils available to no one else in the world!  But YOU have them! Any time you see new labeling “Vitality” on a bottle, as in the attached recipes, it is STILL THE SAME PERFECT OIL! The new labeling is nothing more than cooperating with the comfort level of the FDA. Now everyone’s happy. We always were!

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