just use the whole product guide

OMG my legs look actually amazing waking up this morning and I can’t ACTUALLY tell you what I did different. I use oil on intuition anytime throughout every day and it would drive my personality type crazy to document all the successes.  I’m just about positive it was our YL Beauty Serum for Dry Skin whose smell both my husband and I crave! Could have been the YL Valor oil blend though, favorite of many! And all this week, I’ve been taking a YL Clear Vegie Capsule of YL Orange Oil because Vitamin C is plastered all over the market in the Top 3 for promoting youthful skin. Or even one time a capsule of YL Lemon Oil thinking “chelation”. ALL I KNOW IS this morning I woke up to notably youthful looking legs with no blue veins eyeing for my attention.

This is also the first morning in prayer I referred to the good Lord as “honey”!!  Laughed my head nearly off but I do love Him so much! So, there you have it, today I’m a little scattered planning for the big party this weekend and just recommend a whole smorgasbord of trust your best ideas and see what happens! But open the bottle!

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