cough, taste, laryngitis, thyroid

They all involve the throat, remember that!

Five weeks ago, my darling husband comes home with that violent cough he had 20-years ago. Scarrrry! I’m told pollen count this winter should be around 18 but this warm winter it is well over 1000! We jumped in treating it as allergies.

But after a few days no sleep, for either of us, he was confined to bed for the weekend. And that’s where he stayed for the next 7 days; except for the constant cough, lethargic.

This was bad and a mystery because we haven’t had to suffer or fear anything that the oils haven’t been able to overcome. I pushed through best I could because that same weekend we were hosting an amazing engagement party, so much fun, and my Cuban friend in our guest room the next two weeks for her first visit to the United States. Darling husband missed it all.  And I was exhausted with full blown laryngitis.

Then it hit me! Thyroid!! DH wasn’t eating because nothing tasted right, and that couldn’t be my cooking LOL! Yes! I couldn’t get to our Young Living drawer fast enough to offer him two YL Thyromin gelcaps. Almost immediately, his cough relaxed. An hour later I offered two more. Another 2-hours later, two more. (Normal recommended dosage is one gelcap, last thing in the evening.)

BONUS: My laryngitis had gone on 2-weeks after staying up till 4:00 in the morning laughing and talking with my friend, and no sleep listening for my husband’s next breath. Seeing his results, I took 2 gelcaps myself and found my answer too!!

MORAL OF THE STORY IS that with the purest products, you don’t need to worry. You do want to listen to your internal knowing and trust that you may have the best idea EVER that no one else had the opportunity to figure out yet. You have been given your own situations to reveal your own genius!  I have confidence in you!

And, oh, it’s good to sleep again!!

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