fwd: request for skincare

Here is my face protocol I promised!  I’ve attached the appropriate links to all the underlined products (as I do with all my posts) for you to easily check out and decide what feels right for you. Then I can show you how simple it is to place your first order, sound good?

Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil         $42

Created to relieve cellulite on the thighs, I also enjoy it as a cleanser to move toxins from the pores on my face as I massage into my skin to remove makeup. Wiped off with a damp cloth, the residual essential oils leave my skin plump and no drying around the eyes!

ART Skincare System               $144

Includes Foaming Cleanser, an awesome Toner, and light Moisturizer. Used daily, morning and night. For an extra clean and to encourage natural exfoliation, I massage one of our massage oils (such as Cel-Lite Magic or OrthoEase) into the pores first and then use the foaming cleanser right on top of the oil. Double whammy!!!! You’ll see!

Essential Beauty Serum           $27

2 – 4 drops into the palm of your hand to warm and press onto clean face and neck. Applied before your moisturizer onto plumped, slightly moist skin.

Lemon Essential Oil                 $15

As an extra, I like to apply before my serum, in the same manor pressing onto skin, to bleach out sun damage. Do not use during the day without sun protection!!

Thyromin supplement              $55

We also have a sleep aid supplement called “SleepEssence” ($33) but I am convinced this thyroid support is the major reason I am sleeping nights now. My mind is so busy, I too have been functioning on 3 or 4 hours sleep each night. I take just one of these before bed and not only do I fall asleep but I am waking up well rested!!

NOTE: We have a variety of other ointments and serums I use and love (shout-out to “Rose Ointment” on my lips and extra dry areas), but in the simplest form, this is my regime! Thanks for the compliment!

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