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Only a week left! Tuttle has been a HUGE influence in my life with her “Dressing Your Truth” program and I enjoy sharing the advantages with each of you. This is her latest project, including three FREE Masterclass videos here!! Quick and insightful!!  If after watching the short videos you find you’re ready for her full on class, I’m already registered with you. Read on!

Carol’s invitation:

  1. You’ve worked hard, but you’re disappointed at the progress you’re making toward your financial goals.
  2. You know what you want to accomplish with money. To get there, you know you need support and insight.
  3. You’re already living principles of abundance—and you’ve seen that there’s even more 

Whatever drew you in, know this—you’re a step closer to having a powerful, magnetic pull on money to help you accomplish your life’s goals. 

The next step is registering for The 30-Day Money Cure.

If you’re on the fence, let me share two reasons worth signing up today, rather than tomorrow:

The 30-Day Money Cure Group

Registering for the course gets you access to this private online group. We’re several hundred members strong so far. 

Money Cure students are connecting, sharing intentions, and already starting to shift their money experience!

The Pre-course Worksheet

The minute you register, I give you a document that sets you up for success. The 2 personal questions help shift your mindset before the online course even starts. 

In fact, some people in the group are already enjoying some changes! One woman saw a new abundant approach to take with clients, another got an unexpected refund—and there are more stories from there.

What are your money blocks costing you every day? Let’s change that.

Invest in yourself by registering today.


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