where did tylenol go?

Back in the day, I embraced hospital stays as “FREE” vacation and had no issue allowing exploratory surgeries. Yes, plural and I shutter at the price I paid.

One inpatient surgery left my cervix feeling like I’d been slashed with razorblades. When I pushed the hospital button to retrieve a nurse, she turned back around and left saying, “it hasn’t been 4 hours”. And only after another 2-hours of excruciating (!) was I then allotted my two Tylenol.

But today I witnessed MORPHINE!! for my friend being checked out for possible gallbladder. “Morphine” for a maybe!

Four drops of YL Wintergreen essential oil is known to compare to one Aspirin (be aware most brands of wintergreen are distilled in a process that is not considered safe for internal consumption). So recently when I needed relief, I simply put 8 drops of our YL PanAway essential oil blend (which contains clean wintergreen) into a capsule. It took just three minutes, THREE MINUTES,  to take the edge off!! And without that internal stomach burning!

We appreciate our hospitals, indeed!! Until such extremes, doesn’t it make sense to give Mother Nature a chance rather than desensitize our bodies to the potency of drugs.  Drug overdose isn’t free.


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