white white teeth, happy happy gums

I want the best for both of us, you and I!

So it’s a privilege to give shoutout to my new Rechargable Apiker Water Flosser, linked on its picture here to take you straight to where I bought mine a few weeks ago. The lowest “soft” setting works fine and lets the rinse last twice as long. SO HAPPY!

WHAT TAKES IT OVER THE TOP for slick white teeth, is that we’ve been adding a teaspoon of YL Thieves Mouthwash (click here) into the easy water vessel, then filling to the top with Spring Water (any purified water). Not to mention, the perfect way to rinse out all the lingering chemicals from city tap water again after brushing!

Tell me how you feel seeing your teeth white again!! Pretty cool, right?! And the dentist talking up your healthy gums at your next appointment!

You’re welcome!  🙂