the genius of dance

Back in the day at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, my partner was a strong Greek God of sorts. We’d dance close and seductive from morning well into the night being groomed for competition.

But a greater life changing moment was actually with our colleague Tony; another handsome young man with a heart of gold. A chase on television’s popular “Fonzi”. Like many of us though, Tony didn’t recognize his own awesomeness because habit didn’t leave him permission.

One week in particular, we had a guest teacher who was a recognized world champion in Latin Dance. Ah, ultra sexy! THAT’S who Tony decided to be! Yeah (drool) we all wanted to be THAT guy!

So each day, my sweet eager friend would take position on the dance floor flowing to the piped-in Latin music wiggling his hips, wiggling his hips. Being corrected though, Tony would start over and over from the beginning. Again and again. And every time, Tony would step forward on the beat wiggling his hips, wiggling his hips. It was the exact same painfully awkward move for hours!

See, in HIS mind, Tony looked exactly like the expert because Tony did, in fact, wiggle his hips with great enthusiasm!

But here’s what Tony had to learn….. Don’t move your hips! Instead, bend your knees; the hips will follow.

_         _         _         _         _         _         _         _         _         _

Next time your presentation feels awkward or scripted, think of Tony!

The reason so many big wigs and motivational speakers are charismatic in their fast words and antidotes is because it is authentic…. to them! It’s sincere! Their personality loves being the best and isn’t embarrassed to own it! Bravo!

But what if your personality compares to that of, let’s say, a playful puppy dog? Why would you work so hard to be Rin Tin Tin with killer instincts, when people love being with puppies! Puppies are captivating! Or how about the sea turtle type, naturally a slower pace collecting decades of wisdom. The turtle doesn’t beat himself up to convince you he’s a rabbit, right?

The world needs the light playfulness of a puppy, the calm wisdom of the sea turtle, and snuggly soft kisses of a bunny’s nose.

What is duplicable is being true to your own nature, the goal will follow your lead!