2018 Master Key Experience – begins September 16th

Letter and open invitation from my revered and super cool coach, Mark J :


Let’s face it, hope is not a strategy.

Yet in the winter of 1994, I was sitting on a half couch [my dogs ate the other half], hoping my business [all areas of life] would improve. Couldn’t sleep so I reached for a book I’d been given years before but never read.

Six sentences into the book, the first of what turned out to be many palm-slaps-to-the-forehead happened. 24 weeks later, hope had been replaced by evidence… dreams manifesting easily.

*  I’ve put it all in a 3-part video series for you [click here]  *

And relax, you cannot buy this course at any price [but you must apply]. It’s all done with scholarships.

keep giving to keep growing
mark j

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