2018 Master Key Experience – begins September 16th

Letter and open invitation from my revered and super cool coach, Mark J :


Let’s face it, hope is not a strategy.

Yet in the winter of 1994, I was sitting on a half couch [my dogs ate the other half], hoping my business [all areas of life] would improve. Couldn’t sleep so I reached for a book I’d been given years before but never read.

Six sentences into the book, the first of what turned out to be many palm-slaps-to-the-forehead happened. 24 weeks later, hope had been replaced by evidence… dreams manifesting easily.

*  I’ve put it all in a 3-part video series for you [click here]  *

And relax, you cannot buy this course at any price [but you must apply]. It’s all done with scholarships.

keep giving to keep growing
mark j


Scholarships are awarded first come, first served. Your tuition has been covered by the generosity of previous members.

The scholarships are limited because each member gets a Certified Guide who works with you daily for 6 months to help you find and follow your bliss. A Guide has been through the course successfully, made positive changes and THEN… gone through 5 more months of intense training. Guides only work with 8-10 people… providing support and daily, 1:1, hands on help.

I’m not telling you I’m a guru who discovered some magical internet trick to alter your life. It’s all crap, you know that, I know that, we both know that. Turns out this book [I had], which has 24 lessons intended to be delivered 1 lesson per week, is the same message that the illuminated ones have taught for over 40 centuries!

What I’m sharing is the truth about change. It takes consistent effort, daily. Anyone who tells differently is not just lying, they are liars. Change within is the only thing that will create change in your life… and it takes work. Not money.

The catch? Yeah, there are actually 2 catches for you to become the very best version of yourself.

First catch to getting one of these limited scholarships is view and comment on all 3 videos, then you can grab a scholarship app for a buck… that’s it. We do this so people who get scholarships will honor them. We know if people won’t check out 3 videos over 6 days, they won’t do the work to maintain the scholarship. [Reality check].

Second catch? Work. We’re going to challenge you daily but people who complete the course are happier, healthier and prosper more in their jobs or businesses and all areas… It works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who give it 100%. Go for it, check it out.