In Tim Allen’s adventures as “The Santa Claus”, there’s that one moment when little guy Charlie has had enough downtrodden grownup nonsense, and he toss’s the magical snow globe into the hands of his daddy with one single plea, “Remember!!!!”

Do you?

Most people are honest to admit it would feel good to have that kind of hope again. That is the invitation extended to you in yesterday’s post. Business aside, this one introduction Video #2 is a gift you give to the little guy inside you waiting for permission to come back out to play. YOU are just the person to unlock that front door!! You’re the hero you’re waiting for!

In fact, even if you just aren’t ready to make the commitment to yourself no matter how FREE the next 24-weeks sessions, do this one thing..… click here for Video #2…. it’s 35 minutes short,… AND gives you a solid sense how we work and play together. You’re gonna like what you see.


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