what does your stress weigh

Got back from 2-weeks in Hawaii this summer and had dropped 14-pounds!!

What? WHAT?!!

Two glorious weeks of indulgent celebration for sure! MORE IMPORTANT, sitting face to face with a Coach and Mastermind Team!! One on one, “your soul’s rooting for you!! Many don’t have that encourage in our day to day life.

Young Living offers additional support through anxiety and maintenance, with essential oil emotional blends applied a drop or two at a time.  Daily encouragement! Daily! TODAY, pressing over my face, neck, and belly, I choose Awaken, Believe, Clarity, Finance, Envision!! I smell refreshed!

P.S.  Everyone knows BELIEF doesn’t thrive on hit-or-miss. Now you know my enthusiasm sharing this week! These university level classes close the door within days/hours….. then it’s another year waiting to catapult peace of mind and goals manifested! Video #2 is pure gold!


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