a second chance at basic training

If I knew then what I know now, right?!

I have to believe there’s more than just myself who have literal dreams of a boot camp do-over. I’d be brilliant I’m just sure of it! And I sure wouldn’t cry inside when I got ripped for my undergarments in a wad under my dress blues. Fear had distracted me from even grooming myself? Thought I had lost my mind.

Meet Mark J., Hawaiian shirt and all. He is that second chance!

Of course being an empowered civilian takes a deal of discipline too!

The level of clarity working the last 10-months with Mark and his wife, the Fabulous Davene, has freed me to be a more effective listener, a kinder friend, a humbler prayer warrior, a confident guide, a focused business partner, a grateful spouse. And a rockin’ shaker-and-a-mover showing people how to get their life back like I did! Whatever that looks like for you!

That’s the real beauty. No one here telling you what to believe. Just creating the environment for you to BELIEVE.

Your soul is rooting for you!!


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