story introduction

So as I laid in bed, my mind was fresh with memory of the one wound that never healed.

Moments earlier I had just shared on Marco Polo with my mastermind girls about my little brother who was given away. As an adult we call it foster care. But I was a child and what I experienced was confusion over being good enough, or bad enough, to be given away. The path I chose was to find good enough.

Even so, at 22 I heard the words “you can always be disowned you know”. By 42, I was.

You’ll never guess how the story evolves. I was there yet it still took near 50 years. That’s the thing about our experiences. It doesn’t expose itself with the same mind that created the conflict.

In other words, of course the stuff you already know needs resolved, you’ve already resolved; in your own way. 

Instead we must open to the quiet calm of our “subconscious” mind’s impeccable memory. It will serve to remember this…. the symptom in sight is never the problem. 

And so without malice, I was catapulted to discover euphoric peace and forgiveness. Including  last Spring while seated in the back rows at mother’s funeral, that little brother stood to speak. And this time I didn’t let go.


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