story preface

Today I graduated from the “Master Key Experience” (MKE)
that starts tomorrow.

And so it goes, we begin at the end of the story.

Last night on the final cutoff for scholarships, I submitted my application by answering my intention with…. “The Close” to my personal HJ1/HJ2 journey….. which means answering the call to action beyond surviving long enough to make it to my own funeral. Or as our local hero Lebron James puts duty and determination, “Till the casket drops”.

So with FULL FAITH and DESIRE to accept the greatness of creation within me, and within you (gives “without” new meaning), I laid my head down for the night.

For now, as the story reveals itself, true to my nature I jump to the ending and saw its magnificence! That’s where we always start…… with the end in mind.

Where do you want to be in 6-months as we explore together? Your answer can’t resist your charms and, as you already know, what ye seek ye shall find!

Like a child set on the ice cream truck and that chocolate dripped creamy treat with the crushed nuts on top that you’re probably allergic to anyway but, golly gosh, if you have to whine please or throw a temper tantrum, run in your bare feet or jump on your bike, beg for your allowance a week early or shake your piggy bank upside down for what feels like hours. You figure it out.

Now, do you chase the ice cream truck or wait to see IF your chance comes back around again tomorrow.

Your determination determines.

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