journey through the master key system – day 1

Fact is, I was not a confident child by any stretch. Ultimately sealed by constant reminder it made no difference if I wore a bra or bandaids. Or the laughter when Jimmy Jones blurted out in front of half the varsity football team, ‘her nose is too big to ever be pretty’. And French Club initiation, when they laughed at my singing while the Club President affirmed, “She can’t even sing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ on key”.  Until recent years, I roamed as an introvert. While in stillness, I soared!

Already, here in Day 1 following my morning reads and disciplines of the journey to the “MASTER KEY”,… near speechless.

What I reflect is all the years apologizing for fleeting moments of strength and ill interpreted intention. Justifying my defense as necessity to survive the tribe against the alternative of losing my spirit entirely.

Today, survival doesn’t feel like a “DEFENSE” move you see on every television this football season! It’s an “OFFENSE”!! I had only been giving life all of me! All God created within, not as the world “fixed”.

My bright bold confidence has little to do with surviving the push of others expectations. She just wants to come out and play. So today I put on my team jersey, no more time outs, no penalty flags. And our team’s got the ball!

Whistle to my lips! On your mark…… get set…… GO!!!
A Master Key System starts now!



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