chapter 3 – da do run run

As you can imagine, it works really really well to know what direction you’re running! Is that really really where you want to end up?

Or did you choose the path of least resistance?

Either way, you made a choice.

Everybody knows you’ll find your deepest joy running the direction that others haven’t beaten down.

My brother and I chose to not be beaten down and shared this magical minute of our Oktoberfest; completely sober!

FROM THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM:  4. “We have seen that every thought is received by the brain… When the ‘objective’ mind has been satisfied that the thought is true, it is sent to the Solar Plexus [the brain of the ‘subjective’ mind] to be made into our flesh, to be brought forth into the world as reality. It is then no longer susceptible to any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot argue; it only acts.”

6 Comments on “chapter 3 – da do run run”

  1. Care’n, this post was so fun to read and watch. The song lyrics, “Someday soon I’m gonna make him mine…walk…home”. A beautiful brother and sister relationship!! This may have been lost on some, but knowing your brother and your story, that is exactly what you are doing. Walking him into a true home of love and magical memories.


  2. Care’n thank you for sharing. I loved the video with your brother. AS you put it “to be made into our flesh, to be brought forth into the world as reality. ” This is why in the army you rehears a certain habbit over and over again and agian. So that when you are in a moment where you have to react without thinking about it, your body is already doing the necessary actions. Totally AMAZING- LIVE SAVING ACTIONS !


    • Pieter, thank you for your continuing support! And the reminder of the military skillsets understanding the life saving results of discipline. “Doubt whom you will but never yourself”!



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