chapter 4 – cause and effect

Excruciating. I was challenged putting this week into words. How to make sense for anyone not engrossed in this study that the “I” of you is not the physical body.

“Thought is energy and energy is power [and we have been made familiar with] the manifestation of this energy instead of the energy itself, that the world has been limited to effects, while causes have been ignored or misunderstood.”

There, paraphrased! The Master Key System reverses the process; it is interested only in the cause.

“But this process of eliminating consists in rising above and beyond limitation of any kind….. it is thus that fate, fortune, and destiny will be controlled as readily as a captain controls his ship.”

I have taught this truth for more than 20 years in my reflexology practice that the symptom is never ever ever the problem. That is the ultimate reason the holistic world does not treat a symptom.

You got up on the wrong side of bed this morning? Focus your energy instead to the thanks that you have a bed. And that you could stand. Bam! right side of the bed!



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